Our Brand Ambassador’s Must Have Supplements ✨

Our Brand Ambassador’s Must Have Supplements ✨

Kate O’Shaughnessy (@yogawithkate_) is Your Wellness Collective’s brand ambassador. Kate is a very talented yoga and meditation teacher who recently just completed her 500hr teacher training in Thailand. We touched base with Kate to see what her favourite supplements are now that she’s been taking them consistently for over 6 months.

Kate takes a very holistic approach to her health by focusing on a well balanced diet, daily movement in the form of yoga and managing stress with her guided meditations.


Now that you know a little bit about Kate, here are the supplements she can't live without! 

Kate’s Top Picks


1. MegaMag Calmeze 

With our lives being so busy these days, sometimes it can be difficult to switch off and drift off into a deep, restorative sleep. MegaMag Calmeze is the perfect solution. This complex contains magnesium glycinate, which has the best absorption. It also contains L-theanine in it which is an amino acid that helps calm the nervous system and can also help with focus and cognitive performance.

We recommend taking this supplement approximately 30-40 minutes before bed to help improve sleep quality. You can also take it during the day if anxiety and stress levels are elevated.


2. Peak EPA Omegas

Kate loves taking omegas on a daily basis as she notices a big difference in how her skin looks and feels. This is due to the omega 3s acting as internal moisturisers for the skin cells, allowing the skin to retain more moisture and stay hydrated. Omega 3s have countless benefits from supporting the immune system, reducing inflammation as well as playing a vital role in female hormonal health and fertility.

We recommend taking 1 capsule daily, with a meal.


3. Source of Life Gold Liquid

We are also big fans of Source of Life Gold here at YWC. It is one of our best selling multi-nutrients as so many people notice a big difference in their energy levels within a few days.  It is made from 110 whole foods and helps fill any gaps that you're missing in your nutrition. This complex contains high levels of B vitamins, vitamins C, D, zinc plus many more in their most bioavailable form. These nutrients are sourced from vegetables, fruits, algae, and mushrooms.

We recommend taking one capful in the morning.